Public Tours (June - November)
Our public tours run every Saturday night from the first Saturday in June up to and including the Saturday before Thanksgiving. During the month of October only, we also feature public tours on Friday nights (in addition to Saturday nights) and on Halloween night.

All public tours meet Saturday nights and begin promply at 8 pm at the corner of Main and Ferry Streets (next to the Parry Mansion on Ferry Street) and cost $12 per person.

In the month of October, we recommend showing up 30 to 45 mintues early.

Best-selling author and ghost investigator, Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey is well known for her books on the paranormal and unexplained ("The Bermuda Triangle," "Ghosts in the Valley," "More Ghosts in the Valley," "Haunted Village and Valley"). In 1981, she decided to take her love of the paranormal one step further and founded The Ghosts Tours of New Hope, and we have been going strong ever since! The lantern-led tour will take you through the streets of New Hope, where you will make several stops to hear true stories of hauntings throughout the town. The tour lasts one hour and covers approximately 1 mile of the town. We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes. The tour will take place in light rain, however we reserve the right to cancel the tour for severe weather, such as thunderstorms, snow or heavy downpours.

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